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Product Exchange and Refund Policy

Product Exchange and Refund Policy

Product Exchange: 

To seek and ensure the quality of products and services, we will be reviewed before the goods sold. Yet, the delivery journey may still lead to exceptional circumstances. In order to provide the best guarantee to consumers,  all products purchased from our company are available "7 Days Product Exchange Guarantee

Product return and exchange specifications:

Goods must remain intact packaging when having product exchange process. Product exchange is available including all local postal and expresses delivery/products sold in DayDayCook Eshop, customers please call 5933 7771 to make an appointment to return to the Sheung Wan office.

The products that cannot be exchanged are as follows:

-The product purchase period has exceeded seven days

-The product has been opened (except for electronic goods) or has been used or watered. The company guarantees that all products are NO FAKES. If the customer suspects that the product may be of quality and requests a return, we will send the product back to the relevant manufacturer or agent for inspection and verification. The processing time generally takes one to two months for identifying the product.

- The product has not been properly packaged, has been damaged, damaged, or incomplete.

- Any discounted or special offer provided product that shows returns are not acceptable.

- Any free gifts, accessories, and trial package gifts.

If it is found that the product exchange process does not comply with the company's replacement terms, it will not be processed. We apologize for the inconvenience. DayDayCook reserves the right to make the final decision on all matters related to the processing of exchanges.